What are the Things that You Should in Mind while canceling your Order?

Online shopping provides you with a lot of advantages. You get to relax within your home while browsing through thousands of styles. You can pay easily and place your order within minutes. Again if you do not like the product and do not feel like purchasing it, fret not. You can easily cancel your order hassle free.

If you are a member of Fabini website then you can very easily sign in to your account and click on the ‘My Orders option. You do not have to panic, you can cancel your order with the help of your account and order id. After entering your account details click on the cancel button present there.

Our executives would then receive your cancellation request and execute your cancellation and refund your money within minimum time. Once the process of cancellation has been done, the money would be returned to you as soon as possible. If the amount is less than 1000 rupees then you would get vouchers from Fabini so that you can use them in the future while buying things. But if it’s higher than that then we would return the money to the bank account from where the payment for the purchase had been made. You would receive an email from our executives providing you with updates regarding your canceled order.

How Long Would It Take To Refund The Money?

Do not worry about getting your money back. We assure you that you would get your money as soon as possible after your request for cancellation. Generally, the procedure takes 4-8 working days. Once the cancellation has been done you would receive a mail from our executive. If you have used your debit or credit card then you would receive the amount in the same bank account. We make sure that your bank details are kept secured and no third person or organization gets hold of it. If you choose the cash on delivery then there would be no question of refunding any amount as no payment had been made during placing the order.

Fabini tries to make your shopping experience more fun and less tiresome. You can choose from a wide range of designs what you want as we offer you discounts and offers on exclusive designer wears and dresses.