Return and Exchange Policy

Online shopping has its own advantages. You can relax and sit at home while you browse through the various websites to buy the perfect dress for the event of the year.

When you are buying things online it is impossible to try on clothes and purchase them. But most of the time the size you order is the perfect size for you. Many times the size chart for some companies may vary. Then you might have to look for the exchange and return policy followed by the online website you are purchasing from. We at Kikree have come with an easy and complication free exchange and return policy. Again, sometimes due to mishandling and defect packing, products are exchanged on request.

What is our Return Policy?

If you have bought online from Kikree any kind of product then you are entitled to request for exchange and return of your product. But for exchange, the product must have the original security tag. It is mandatory that it is returned in the same condition as it has been delivered earlier. Any kind of misconduct in this regard would not be entertained.

Kikree delivery personnel would first check the condition of the product and then approve the exchange. Any product that you want to exchange, but show sign of a tear, wear, and mishandling will not be accepted for exchange or returned under any circumstances.

The customer must contact the return and exchange forum within 7days of receiving of product. Then Kikree would initiate the process of resolution. Customers have to send the image of the product at the email id mentioned on the website. The return policy is only applicable to those products which are broken or have been delivered in a damaged condition. Nothing else would be entertained.

If buyers return or exchange any kind of product, the company reserves the right to deduct any kind of shipping charges and gift wrapping charges because they are non-refundable. You would be asked to tick the box beside the terms and conditions mentioned. For hygienic reasons exchange or return policy is not available on selected items like undergarments, swimsuits, lingerie, fragrances, beauty products and jewelry Exchange and return policy are available on clothing items like lehenga, salwar suit, Anarkali suit, Indo western dresses, and others.

Customers are requested to keep in mind that promotional offer and seasonal sale products are not eligible for an exchange policy. This may overrule the policy of the company. Shipping charges are also regarded as non-refundable. The return shipping charges would be borne by the customer as per the rules and regulations.

What are the steps you need to know while returning Any Product?

Write an email to the exchange department of the company that would include your order number and the problem with your product and why you want to exchange it, the specific reason. Also, mention the required bank details where the amount can be refunded after the product has been returned and accepted by the seller. This way we would be able to return your money without any hassle. Please make sure that the bank details you provide us with are error free and Kikree would not be responsible for any kind of loss of money.

After our executives receive your mail, they would immediately send you an email address where you can return the product. It is required that the customer pack the product in the same way they have received it. Do not forget to use the bubble wrap provided to you with the package. Seal it properly and ship the product to the mentioned email address. Then the customer must send the tracking ID to the company so that we can easily locate it and return it to the seller smoothly. If it is not mentioned then the product may get lost in the transition and you may not get your refund back.

Once the product is received by us and declared defect-free from the seller, we would immediately return the money to your bank account.


The moment our seller receives the returned product and emails us positively, we would credit the amount to your bank account. Please keep in mind that the product you want to return must be shipped directly to the seller. We would credit the amount within 15 working days.

In case you have purchased the product with the help of online payment gateways like credit and debit card. Then your money would be credited to the same bank account where the earlier transaction had been made.

In case of cash on delivery mode, you have to mention your bank account details when filing for product return. Once the item has been returned successfully our executive would contact you so that you receive the money without any delay. In addition to that, you also have the advantage of refunding that cash to your Kikree cash from where you can use the money for future purchases.

Do I Have To Return Any Free Gift Received With The Product?

The moment you return the product you have to return the free gift as well. They are offered in order to promote the product. Therefore, you are requested to return the free gift along with the purchased product.


Shopping becomes much more fun when you do not have to worry about the exchange in case of a misfit. All the items you purchase are usually eligible for exchange. While you are purchasing something it is important that the customer is aware of the things under the exchange policy. Exchange policy is not offered for some of the items like undergarments, swimsuits, lingerie and other such products. To satisfy all your needs we are trying our best to bring most of the products under exchange policy. Our target has always been to provide you with exceptional service and facilities. The exchange is usually available on kurti, salwar suit and other clothing materials.

How Long It May Take To Receive The Exchange Product?

We dispatch the product you have asked for an exchange as soon as we receive the returned product confirmation from our sellers. In case of any updates and delays, our customer care department will keep you informed.

You can, in fact, order several items in exchange for one item. You are most definitely welcome to do so. But there is only one condition; the total amount of the things you are purchasing should be equal or more than the exchanged product.

Kikree provides you with easy exchange and returns policy. There are certain products that do not come under Kikree policy but we are trying our hard to alter the rules. Enjoy your shopping as it is very simple and easy. This easy exchange and return policy keep our customers satisfied in turn making us happy.