Online Jewellery Shopping

Online Jewelry Shopping

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    Adorning oneself with jewelry is one way by which Indian woman had made themselves look regal and exquisite. The art of making beautiful jewelry has been a part of Indian culture since the beginning of time.

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    The kings and the patrons used to support the artisans in the old days and in some of the museums you could still observe some of those ancient timeless jewelry pieces that have been developed through the historical times. YEBOIndia knows how much Indian women love heavy and voluminous jewelry made with encrusted stone and metal. Below we would let you know what kind of online jewelry shopping you could do.

    Antique Jewelry - Antique jewelry has in them that dull and rough look which makes them timeless. Antique jewelry is so called because they are not a part of mainstream production anymore. They have that old-world charm in them and serve as a major USP when you wear them. Most of the times antique jewelry consist of gold jewelry because back in those days platinum and other gemstones were rare.

    Bridal Jewelry - Brides of India has a great way of looking magnificent and superior during their wedding day. Indian brides look their most beautiful on this most anticipated day of their life. Bridal jewelry for a woman comes in platinum and silver but gold holds the most popularity among Indian brides.

    Custom Jewelry - Custom jewelry is made depending on the customer’s taste and requirement. Artificial jewelry online is mostly readymade jewelry and thus sometimes does not match the taste of the customer. Custom jewelry gives you total freedom to do whatever style you want to incorporate and be specific with your choice.

    Filigree Jewelry - Usually master artisans could only create Filigree jewelry. People who create such ageless pieces need a great amount of patience and an eye for each and every minute detail. Usually, they are done on silver maintaining technicality and precision. This type of jewelry is very famous in Egypt and Spain and also Italy. This type of jewelry design dates back to centuries.

    Handmade Jewelry - A huge chunk of jewelry is made in India handcrafted. Indian handcrafted jewelry has huge demand all over the world and contributes to a huge economic profit among the town and village people.

    Jadau Jewelry - Jewelry for woman in India is incomplete without Jadau jewelry. YEBOIndia keeping this in mind provides you with the best Jadau jewelry crafted with the best-skilled craftsmanship. It was brought to India by the Mughals and has been practiced since then in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Jadau jewelry is also known as engraved jewelry and is pretty heavy but gives you a delicate look.

    Kundan Jewelry - Kundan jewelry makes a bride or an Indian woman look beautiful when adorned with Kundan jewelry. This work had been started since the days of Mughal era and has migrated to Rajasthan. After that craftsman from different parts of India established Rajasthan as the Kundankari hub. It slowly started turning into the art of perfection and this is the reason why you see most of the ancient woman wearing Kundan jewelry.

    Silver Jewelry - Silver jewelry just like gold jewelry is very much popular among the Indian woman. Ornaments like bracelet, chains and necklaces and heavy earrings are made of silver. Many village women even nowadays adorn silver jewelry which are heavy and mark their culture. Though modern woman uses silver jewelry for day to day use and is thus light in weight.

    These are some of the main styles of jewelry. We at YEBOIndia understand that every woman has her own style and taste. That is why we provide you with a huge variety and collection of different types of jewelry online from which you could choose the one that defines you the best.



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