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    Earrings are a woman's best friend. Not only these small pieces of jewellery bring a dose of style to our looks, but it also accentuates the features of our face. Earrings are a must-have in every woman's wardrobe and jewellery collection.

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    If you are a designer earrings collector or even you just love wearing earring, then check out our website for all the latest designs. At yeboindia.com we not only guarantee the products but also offer many discounts so you can shop to the fullest.
    Different Types of Earrings
    Earrings come in different colours and designs. Along with gold earrings, you can also find earrings made out of artificial feathers, pieces of fabric, denim, and terracotta. If you are a fan of earring made out of different kinds of materials, then you have sought out the right jewellery portal.
    Metal Earrings - These are usually a tad bit heavy and ornately decorated. Although these days you can also find lightweight metal earrings, still the long dangling ones are quite in fashion and much in demand.
    Hoopla Earrings - The hoopla and the long loop earrings are a must-have as these earrings go with almost all kinds of outfits and you can comfortably wear these earrings if you are confused about what to wear at that time. These earrings are quite easy to carry and can be worn comfortably. All you need to do is to push the lock and click it lock. The lightweight of the earrings is another factor that adds to the fame of these long circular earrings.
    Small Studded Earrings - You can also go for small studded earrings. These earrings are usually studded with small semi-precious stones and crystals which add an extra glow to the earring. If you are going for a subtle look, then you can buy and wear a single stone studded earring either in a small size or in big size from our earring collection.
    Teardrop Earrings - Teardrop earrings are also another favourite item that is waiting for you to buy. Our teardrop earring range is full of fabulous designs and styles. The small earrings are perfect for both informal and formal occasions. You can also wear it to your office. The earrings are also intricately designed.
    Earrings You Can Wear At Weddings & Parties
    Studded Earrings - Studded earrings with precious and semi-precious stones. You can go for small tops or teardrop with intricate designs and small rocks. The stones are available in various colours, and you can choose any colour you want.
    Metal Jhumka - Metal jhumkas are loved and coveted. So, we have especially added a lot of metal jhumkas for you to adorn yourself at any parties and weddings especially. You can get either heavy jhumkas or light and long jhumkas to wear with your dress.
    Funky Thread Earrings - For parties, you can opt for funky thread earrings made out of fabrics and denim. Denim jewellery is becoming famous because of its chic and fashionable look as well as lightweight. If you cannot carry heavy jewellery then this is the perfect earring you can wear and pair it up with almost all kinds of clothing.
    Terracotta Earrings - Terracotta earrings are also gaining popularity. Not only the earrings give a different look but also these earrings are eco-friendly, and if you are allergic to metal, then terracotta jewellery is the best option to go with. Often you can find motifs of different animals and flowers along with faces of gods and goddesses engraved on the earring.

Where to Buy the Earrings from?

Deciding on buying earrings to pair up with different outfits is not an easy job. It can take hours to match and find the perfect earring. If you are thinking about where to buy the earring from the, we have the perfect solution for you waiting at yeboindia.com.

With multiple offers and unbelievable discounts available on yeboindia.com, especially for you can get as many earrings as you like and in different varieties. Stock up on your earring collection with our products and flaunt a new earring every day.

Or give your old clothes a new look with a new earring to go with it. If you a looking for funky styles, then buy a feathered earring or a tusseled earring from our earrings for women collection and get ready to rock the trend in your very own way.



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