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Various cultures all around the country have various ways to denote a married woman. The Vermillion is the most obvious one. But there’s another thing that binds all the cultures of the country as one and that is the mangalsutra. The mangalsutra is a pendant type of jewelry worn by most Indian women and with us at Yebo, we have eased your tension to look out for this sacred piece of jewelry.

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    In recent times women are reluctant to wear mangalsutra for their day to day activities. Here are a few hacks with which you can slay your mangalsutra keeping up with both tradition and fashion –

Understand your taste and preference

    One of the first main things to do when thinking of choosing and everyday wear jewelry is to be clear about your taste and preference. Once you like the jewelry you wear every day automatically you will feel like wearing it every day and that would be your first step towards achieving fashion and tradition together. With us, at Yebo there are a huge variety of mangalsutras through which you can choose your favorite which will help you wear it every day.

Be specific in your budget

    There is a huge variety of mangalsutras available online. At Yebo we are pleased to satisfy every want and need even when it considers about the budget. We understand the importance of money and how every Indian woman has their priorities sorted according. Yebo lets you easily sort through our varieties in order of prices for a better view.

Gold or Silver or Diamond?

    Some women prefer to wear their mangalsutras as an everyday basis because of which they prefer to wear a gemstone or a precious stone as a driving factor. We at Yebo understand this point and hence bring to you a variety and collection of mangalsutra with precious stones like gold mangalsutra, silver mangalsutra or diamond mangalsutra that you young brides can wear every day irrespective of anything..

Pendant size is important

    Brides these days reluctant to wear heavy and bulky jewellery in regards of wedding hence when it comes to daily wear like a mangalsutra the size of a pendant is important to be determined. Based on the body type you have and definitely the preference of jewelry that you have you need to select your pendant likewise. Not just dependent on the size of the pendant but also the design of the shape of the dependent is important when it comes to customizing your mangalsutra. In Yebo with us, we guarantee you to find your preferred pendant shape and size extremely convenient

Customize the shape of your mangalsutra

    Your everyday wear jewelry always needs to showcase your personality and hence choosing a mangalsutra that also showcases your aura is important. Be it a gold mangalsutra design or any mangalsutra online it should be customized according to the shape that enhances your beauty and is also chic. Be it in V shape or a round or any new shape or style that you want in are in abundance with us. Be rest assured of that.

Choose the length of the mangalsutra

    Another very important element is the length. Or how long you want it to be hung from your neck. Some brides prefer it long and thick whereas some like it short and simple. As for this piece of jewelry is supposed to be worn as for every day, comfort is indeed important. It differs from bride to bride and Yebo gives you that independence to choose from a huge variety of mangalsutras which is available online for you to add it on.

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