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    Style of dresses these days is fusion the culture of any country. To be true, fashion in the 21st century has been global yet Desi. Be it traditional wear or a trendy one, it’s quite difficult to demarcate which one’s western and which one’s not. So any ceremonies can have a classy type of dress with it.

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    The style amongst western wears only, varies widely. It sounds so easy now-a-day that western wears can be a dress code of any marriage or family functions. But the designs are made keeping in mind the motive and the program to attend. This is why designers fuse different cultures in a dress. Crop tops are the best instance of such types. It blends capably both western and eastern culture.
    Indian culture dominates amongst dress like anarkali, saree and salwar types. Long skirts or drapers are also the part of the Indian traditional wear or rather we can say girls, prefer wearing. Now let’s indulge deeper into the fashion hype created by crop tops and skirts.
Crop Top and Skirts Gives the Right Look and Comfort at any Place
    Crop tops have 2 types of designs. One has flowing look with layers of cloth and the other is the comeback of the old 90s fashion. A tight upon the body fittings top which shows the tummy. Crop tops with long skirts and plazo suits every Indian woman quite well. Drapers are easy to wear and carry option for women on the go. So if one is planning to go for a Saturday office or a friend’s gathering select from your wardrobe the best or the new crop top of any style and accompany it with a draper. The drapers give comfort to the wearer if it’s a summer afternoon or morning. For winters too the same outfit can be worn in silk or polyester material. But for summer the matter must be a cotton fabric.
Drape Crop Top and Long Skirt and Flaunt the Bubbly Self in You
    The long skirts worn with such well fitted crop tops are generally wide and have layers. The drapers are also worn in a flowing widened area style. Delving into the color factors, green crop tops blends well with blue, black, white or even off white colors.

Buy Crop Top for Women from the Online Stores at an Affordable Range

    Yebo presents a range of many other bright colors. The crop tops if worn, a bright color, then the lower part or the skirts and drapers can be either some common bright colors like blue or black or else definitely some sober and sophisticated colors. Red is common and many people’s favorite choice of color for tops. Such crop tops for girl matches well with blue, black, white and even bottle green. The combination green and red is seldom considered a killer one. Crop tops and palazzos are a choice of formal wear now-a-days. Accompanied by a long shrug or short blazers, the crop tops, especially the white ones perfectly adapts itself with a black palazzo for office goers. The sleeves of crop tops are mainly designed in sleeveless. Crop top party wear dresses are also available online and they help you to have a trendy yet different look.

    The crop tops for women are designed and styled keeping in mind the fact that it is worn hugely throughout the world and even for specific family functions, parties and get-togethers. So the lower portion has to be matched accordingly. The choice is eased out by the designers when they stylized crop tops with long skirts, lehengas and drapers give it a ghagra choli look. Instead of carrying a gorgeous designed chunri, long embroidered shrugs are the best choice for crop tops and skirts.



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