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    Every year, more and more kurti designs are coming up creating unique style statements. Kurti has now become a universal dress which you could wear in college, wedding, at your work and other places.

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    Fashion designers are trying to keep up with the pace of ever-increasing demand in new styles and designs when it comes to the latest kurti design. Therefore, there are now ample choices from which you could buy your own choice of kurti whether you are a college going student, a working lady or a housewife. YEBOIndia provides you with the latest styles on kurti at affordable rates, which are hard to miss.

    Tail Cut Kurti - This type of kurti has layers in the back and the length of the front part is shorter than the back. It has a tail like an effect on the side which has a shorter length. You could team up this new kurti design for going to college or any kind of formal event. As these are designer long kurti, you could wear tail cut long kurti without anything in the bottom to give it a more glamorous look.

    A - Line Kurti - This maybe is the most common of the kurti style available in the market. It is most favored among the youngsters. This kurti for girls reaches the calf or ankle and gives your kurti a flare from the waist. They are available in different shades and colors and are made of different materials like silk, cotton, polyester and others.

    Trial Cut Kurti - The latest in trend, they come in a C-cut design which means that it has got a C-shaped design on both the sides. It should be kept in mind that the flare of the side cuts may vary with change in the material and also change the overall look of the kurti. Cotton kurtis have trail cut design which enhances the look of the person who wears it.

    Anarkali Kurti - This is the most common type of kurti style that is worn in Indian wedding and other cultural events. Its a perfect combination of grace and gives you the perfect party look. Anarkali kurtis could also be worn as party wear kurtis and goes well with everybody kind. The material that ends at your waist flares and gives the kurti an intricate and detailed look without hugging your body.

    Angrakha Kurti - If you observe closely you would see that royal court’s musicians used to wear this kind of clothes. Angrakha kurti is a fresher version of the old time tunics that ancient people used to wear. In this type of fancy kurti two similar or contrasted flaps lay on each other and are tied with the help of straps. You could easily customize them with Pom Pom or beads thus giving it a feminine and stylish look.

    Flared Kurti - These stylish kurtis are in the fire with the modern generation. The flares give you a feminine look and bring out the inner beauty in you. They are gorgeous and are highly recommended during this party season. Though flared hemline looks good on a tall woman, a shorter woman can go for narrow flared kurtis.

    These are some of the basic designs of Kurti that you see everywhere in every store. There are so many kurti styles that we would love to see you in. YEBOIndia has in store all of the basic designs and other exclusive designs that are bound to look good on you. Do not fret about quality and cost. YEBOIndia makes sure that your product is 100% genuine before shipping it over to you. Therefore, this party season shop affordable fashion at YEBOIndia.



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