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    Lehenga saree now has become a hot favorite among the Indian women because of its elegance and style that separates you from the rest of the crowd. Wearing your designer lehenga saree in the right way needs patience and practice. There are many conventional ways in which lehenga sarees are much more advantageous than normal sarees.

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    The process of wearing a lehenga saree is much simpler when compared to normal sarees. When you buy online lehenga saree, then they come as a combination of lehenga and dupatta and in a traditional saree style. But how exactly should you wear a lehenga saree? We at YEBOIndia not only sale the most perfect lehenga saree suitable for you but also give you advice and steps on how to drape a lehenga saree. Buy lehenga saree online from YEBOIndia and make your event more special by standing out from others with your exceptional style quotient.

    Keep Your Lehenga Ready and other Basics

    It is important that you keep all the essential clothing ready before you start preparing yourself. Keep your lehenga saree near your dressing table. The first step is similar to what you do when you wear a saree. Wear a blouse or choli and the petticoat. Most of the time the saree fabric is transparent therefore it is essential that you buy a stiff petticoat which has an opaque fabric.

    Wrap the Saree around your Waist

    The second step consists of you wrapping the saree around yourself. First, take the loose corner and tie it into a knot. Then you should tuck the knot at the front side of your waist. Keep in mind that the knot should be made tightly and tucked securely so that it stays in place even when you are moving or doing some vigorous kind of activity. You do not want any kind of dress malfunction at the event. Latest lehenga style saree now sometimes come with the knot made.

    Wrap the Saree Like a Lehenga

    Wedding lehenga saree is where you see the difference between a traditional saree and a lehenga saree. Wrap the saree around so that your objective to make it look like a lehenga is fulfilled. You can make consecutive pleats to give yourself that lehenga look.

    Wrap the Lehenga Saree in Three Different Ways

    Now there are three different ways in which you could wrap your lehenga saree and make yourself look exquisite. If your fabric has frills and is a little bit stiff then you could simply wrap it around your waist and leave a loose trail for your pallu. In second type you could make a wave-like pleats and then tuck the saree. In the third variation, you could make a single wrap and then tuck the pleat which accentuates the saree and helps in keeping the fabric of the saree firm.

    Different Types of Pallu

    New lehenga saree can be draped by intricately wearing the pallu in three different ways. In the Gujarati pallu style, drape the material and let it cascade from the back to the front. After that pin it to the lower half of your waist and let it fall all across your bust. In the Rajrani style, you do not pin the pallu on the waist, but stretch it across your shoulder to give it a V-shaped look making it resemble a dupatta. In the conventional saree style, you just let the pallu cascade from the back like you would do with a saree. Usually, this style is followed when you have a heavy crystal or embroidered work on your pallu.
    These are the steps that you should follow to dress impeccably. Adorn a gorgeous lehenga saree and become the star of the event and lets eyes follow you wherever you go.



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