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Policy for Buyers

Once a transaction is made by you on the website, you understand that as a buyer you have entered into a legally binding contract with the seller where you would have to purchase the items that has been ordered by you through payment on the billing or by cash on delivery using both of these as a method of pay to use a transaction price which the seller would get through the bank issued, except in the cases of cash payments made after the order reaches the buyer. You, as a buyer, acknowledge that the company is only the facilitator of the collection of goods on their website and the settlement of the price of the product. The buyer cannot claim any interests or benefits or will be given so by the company at the price of the goods through any of the mentioned payment methods.

The time if the transaction as well as the time of dispatch and delivery of the product can be negotiated by you with the seller through electronic means of exchange, the feature of which has been provided on the website and the transaction of the product can be extended or amended to the negotiated extension, given that there is no violation in the terms of transaction that are mentioned in the User Agreement and the rules and the policies which are mentioned under the Agreement.

Payment Method: The transaction price mentioned in the page of the selected goods shall be paid by you through the different methods of payment accepted by us, i.e., cash on Delivery or Payment by Billing, for the number of transactions that you initiate on the Website. You will be notified on two occasions, i) In case of Payment by Billing, when the Company receives the Transaction Price in their account and ii) On agreeing to pay the Transaction Price through the method of cash on delivery which would be confirmed by the Website. Once the payment is made after the delivery of the product, the buyer will be notified of the same.

Contacting Users: The users who purchase from the website shall not initiate any communication with another user of the Website which includes warning them about the products, the seller or any listings mentioned in the Website. However, users can provide their valuable feedbacks or reviews about the products or even rate the sellers as per the facilities and features provided in the Website.

Contact Information: The contact details that are provided by you on the Website for the transactions shall be correct at all time and any change in information about the contact shall be changed immediately. The Company would not take responsibility for any delay in the delivery of product or non-delivery of the product if the user fails to update the change in contact information that is provided on the Website for the order. The Company shall also not take notice of any negative feedbacks made by the buyer on such cases and would, therefore, delete or modify the comments immediately.

Feedback: The feedback and review feature that is present on the Website shall be used by the user for providing their fair facts and opinions on the products, sellers or any experience that the user might have had while using the website, which consists of first-hand information only. Any hearsay information or opinions that mangles another User, product or brand would not be acknowledged by the Company. Any violation of the laws or provisions of the user Agreement ad the rules and policies mentioned under it have to be informed to the company at _______________.

Limit on volume of Transactions: The Company has the right to limit the volume of the transactions or the amount paid on a single Credit or Debit Card by a buyer and may even refuse to process the transaction if the limit exceeds or end up in blocking of the Card if suspected of misuse while the process of Transaction.

Verification of Payment: To stop the misuse of any payment through any payment method accepted by the Company which is initiated by the Buyer, the Company may keep on hold or flag the Buyer until additional checks are made against the Buyer. In such cases, the Company shall contact the buyer for verifying additional information, documents, details, and data. The company has the right to not confirm the transaction if any of the documents or data provided for the verification are found to be misleading or false and therefore, the Card/Bank would not be charged with the Transaction Amount. Moreover, in such cases, the Dispatch timelines would not continue until the payment has been confirmed by the company.

The company also reserves the right to cancel the order or the payment with respect to any prior history of the user regarding transaction process or any breach in agreements by the Buyer which may have been imposed by the Issuing Bank of the buyer.

Payment Confirmation: In case of Cash on Delivery of the Transaction Price, the buyer and the seller will be notified that the buyer has agreed to pay for the Transaction Price through Cash on Deliver. In cases of Payment on Billing, once the Transaction Price is received by the Company from the Buyer, the buyer and the seller will be notified of the successful payment of the Transaction Price once the necessary verification after completed based on the above-mentioned clauses.

Dispatch Details: The Dispatch Details have to be provided by the Company or the seller within 7 days of the confirmation of payment or within the timeline that has been agreed between the buyer and the seller on the website. If the Seller fails to do so, then the Company has the right to cancel the Transaction of the buyer and refund the amount to the buyer (in the case of Payment on Billing).

Delivery Confirmation: You shall have to immediately notify the Delivery or the non-Delivery of the ordered product within the mentioned time period. If you fail to provide the confirmation of the driver/ non-delivery of the product within 7 days of the expiry of the time of delivery mentioned in the above clause, then it would be taken a complete in delivery, based on which the Transaction Price would not be refunded. In case of products with payment methods of Cash on Delivery, the Company would have to update about the details of the shipments in a periodic manner and the Buyer would not have to confirm about the receipt of the products.

Refund: If the buyer does not receive the ordered goods within the time period mentioned in the Transaction or the time period agreed upon the time period, then they are entitled to a refund of the Transaction Price. In the case where the refund claim is not made by the buyer within the mentioned time period on the Website, the user would be ineligible for the refund thereafter.

If there is a failure in the delivery of the product, on account of the user not providing correct or complete information of the shipping address or non-availability of the user on the mentioned address or any failure to make payment during the time of delivery, the Company shall cancel the Transaction and the item would then be returned to the seller and the cost incurred for handling. Shipping, couriering and the processing of order or any other services during the course of delivery shall be compensated from the User. In the case where the delivery is done within the mentioned time period, however, the item is not the one shown in the listing, the Buyer has the right to claim a refund within 5 days from the expiry of the Delivery time. In such refund claims, the seller might refuse the claim, which then would be put on hold for further verification by the Company. The Company shall contact the Buyer for the verification process. Based on the verification, the Company may accept the refund claim or reject it which cannot be disputed by the Buyer. If the claim is accepted, then the amount would be refunded to the buyer.

All refund will follow the provisions made here in and the laws in India, especially the directions given by the Reserve Bank of India for the settlement of payments made by electronic means which involves intermediaries dated 24 November 2009.

Except for the transaction made through Cash on Delivery, the refund, if any, shall be given to the same Issuing Bank from where the transaction has been made by the Buyer.

For Cash on Delivery and NEFT bank transfer will be initiated where Kikree will contact the User regarding the bank details. A time period of 7-10 days is needed to reflect the money in the bank account of the User.

Octroi and other local levies: For the buyer who is located in areas where octroi and other local taxes and levies are charged, the user would have to pay the charges to the courier company during the delivery of the product even though octroi, taxes or levy are not mentioned in the listing.

The arrangement with Issuing Bank: Any transactions made through the Card/ Bank Account on the Website, would be governed on basis of the terms and conditions between the buyer and the Issuing Bank and the payment made shall not violate the prescribed terms and conditions.