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Privacy Policy of Kikree

While shopping at Kikree we value the trust you have put in us. We understand your trusts worth. Therefore, we have come up with a secured but easy privacy policy which makes it easier for you to do your shopping. We maintain the highest standards when it comes to online transactions and keeping your personal queries secure. You do not have to worry about people messing with your cards or any kind of fraud cases when you are shopping with us.

Privacy Policy Can Change without Notice

Kikree reserves the rights to change the privacy policy without notifying you first. We at Kikree can post the revised ‘Privacy Policy” section on this site. The moment the revised policy is posted you would be entitled to follow the new privacy policy without further delay. You are suggested to go through the whole revised privacy policy so that you remain updated regarding any changes that have been made in the new policy. When you signup for our website you would be asked to choose the terms and condition stating that you would abide by all the rules mentioned there. Your regular use of our website would be taken as a reference and acceptance of the revised terms and conditions of the new privacy policy.

Collection of Personal Information

When you go through our terms and conditions and register with Kikree we collect your personal information. This is done when you mention your name, phone number and email address and our executives collect them. Shopping at Kikree is pretty simple. When you search for something the keywords generally are gathered at some secured location to improve your search results. Again when you buy online with the help of desktop or your smartphone, our executives collect information such as the IP address and location. Please keep in mind that this information would never be used against you and the moment you log out or cancel your membership with us we would delete your private information.

Kikree is a website meant for adults only. We do not collect any information from children nor do we sell them anything. All the things available at Kikree are meant for adults and are not designed for children.

Can Kikree Share and Use Our Personal Information?

Kikree has the right to use your information only if necessary. We respect your trust in us and therefore would not use it for any kind of fraud or cause any kind of discrimination. Kikree can use your information in case of (1) Abide by the legal rules and regulations of the company. (2) When defending the right of Kikree becomes essential. (3) To make sure the customer is abiding by the rules and regulations. Again Kikree reserves the right to use your personal information if we notice any kind of illegal or doubtful situation. We can inform the law force regarding any kind of problem caused by the customer. Our executives are free to use your email id and phone number to send you information regarding any kind of latest service, product. If you wish to unfollow and discourage this kind of updates you could simply send us an email and we would stop sending you notifications immediately.

No unauthorized person or any other organization is allowed to use your information. We keep your debit and credit card information safe with us. If you think the information we are collecting is unnecessary, then feel free to send us an email with all your concerns. If you think that there is any mention of wrong information feel free to let us know so that we could correct it immediately.

Who Can Use Kikree?

Children who are below the age of 18 are not at all allowed to use the website as it is not meant for them. No part of Kikree has been designed to attract children below the age of 18. Children who are less than 18 are recommended to use the website under the surveillance and observation of their parents. If children are found to use the website without their parent supervision it would be regarded as a legal offense.


Cookies are well known for saving small pieces of information so that our website can help you in providing uninterrupted services. There are several aspects that cookies keep in mind while saving your information for later browsing use. We do not use cookies to save any kind of personal information that you have provided us with. Kikree automatically saves your product search history, page viewed and session date to provide you with good quality service when you again visit the page. They save the information so that you do not have to start from the very first, but continue from where you left off. Kikree uses cookies to make sure that you are able to access everything mentioned on the website. Cookies never steal your debit or credit card information. If you think there is something wrong, you could easily mail us and we would try our best to rectify the mistake if there is any.

Advertising Policy

For giving advertisements online we use Google. Third party vendors and social media sites show advertisements of various websites on their page. We optimize and use Google to serve ads based on the previous visits by someone.

Can Customers Opt Out From Our Website Or Stop Using Our Services?

You can very well stop using our services if you want to. It is not compulsory to be a part of Kikree. But we would be really happy if you would give us an opportunity to rectify our mistakes and provide you with better services. We also provide you with options where you could easily opt out from receiving any kind of promotional and marketing related information. You have full rights to let us know about your grievances and discontinue receiving notification after setting up an account with us at Kikree.

We at Kikree try our level best to provide you with uninterrupted services so that you can enjoy unlimited browsing. Buy things online at Kikree as we provide you with a great range of fashionable clothing that you would not find anywhere else.