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Banarasi Sarees: Majestic Silk Sarees from the Holiest Ghats of Ganga

    Banarasi Silk sarees are a significant trait of holy land of Varanasi. Artisans and craftsmen from Mugal dynasty started this trend of weaving banarasi sarees that continues to be popular in the present times too.

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    The most striking feature of Baranarsi silk saree is its intricate intertwining floral and foliate motifs, kalga and bel, along with a long string of upright leaves commonly known as jhallar. Gold and silver zari work used in weaving is inspired by pre-Mugal and Mugal era that looks exotic and exquisite. Grand pallu is a characteristic of these sarees, which is generally heavy and artistically rich. Time taken to complete a saree entirely depends on the kind of work done on the saree, which ranges from 15 days to 6 months.
    Certainly, Banarasi saree is a timeless art that is getting better and better with time, but with that there is a threat to this heritage too. There is a big market that sells cheap replicas of these exotic banarasi sarees. While buying these exclusive pieces be vigilant about the quality and the trademark. is a store that selects best and most authentic banarasi silk sarees for the woman who adores royalty and grandeur. We believe that sarees are the reflection of our rich tradition and culture, so we need to value it and wear it with respect. Thus, we have gathered exclusive sarees from the best craftsmen from Varanasi. Not only patterns but fabric has a huge variety too.
    Banarasi Sarees and Its Varieties

    Banarasi sarees not only comes in silk but various other rich fabrics that offers comfort with style. Here are the popular variations:

    Pure Silk - Richly royal are the pure silk sarees. Handloom sarees as well as loom used sarees are available in a huge variety. We collect some of the most stylish pure silk sarees that offers a contemporary yet exclusive look to the wearer. A mark of sophistication and uniqueness!

    Organza - Soft and thin fabric that is created either from silk or from nylon or polyester. A perfect fabric for extravagant occasions that creates a luxurious style statement and makes you a head turner in a gathering. A class artwork that are available in vibrant colors with fancy prints, neon or dark thick borders and attractive designer pallus. A lavish attire for a grand event!

    Georgette - Finely woven light fabric having simple and plain weaves, a true stunner for a special occasion. Very popular for weddings, this banarasi saree adds sheen to the wearer’s personality. Its grace is matchless and its beauty is eternal. Great pick for your next special event!

Each fabric has its own charm and texture that not only brings freshness but variety to your wardrobe. Finest sarees that are culturally rooted and inspired by our nature and its basic elements. The bright hues makes banarasi silk sarees more appealing to the younger lot. Internationally too, these sarees have a great demand that brings our national heritage on a global platform. More number of foreign audience is showing interest in this amazing art work. Indian designers are using this craftsmanship and giving them a modern twist to make it more appealing to the urban audience who likes ultra-glamorous indo western look.

    Different Loooks With Stylish Blouses

    A nicely designed blouse can bring a great change to the overall look of a saree. Here are few of the tips on how to mix and match blouses with banarasi saree to make it look more adventurous and classy.

    Embroidered Blouse

Aptly designed for a wedding look. Looks exceptionally rich and royal. Available in bright colours with heavy embroidery that gives an added flavour to your banarasi saree.

    Full Sleeved Plain Blouse

Subtle and simple look that brings lot of style and glamour to your look. Perfect for an evening party.

    Contrasting blouses with designer necks and backs

Contrast blouses brings newness and modernity to your old styled saree. Pick your mothers old saree and design a new contrasting blouse, a shade lighter or darker than your saree. A great look will surprise you!

    Plain Sleeveless Blouse

For that ultra-glam diva look, pick this option. Your saree will not only look more fashionable but modern too. Many fashionistas have adopted this style for their public appearances like Shilpa Shetty, Kareena Kapoor, Bipasha and the rest.

    Border Elbow Blouses

Another very ethnic style that keeps a traditional look yet make it look stylish. Always in vogue!

    Brocade Blouses

Again a very popular style that charms every banarasi saree wearer. Looks dainty and nice, perfect for any special occasion!

    If you are looking for banarasi sarees that are different from the traditional ones explore our designer collection. Modern and precious with offbeat shades, makes are collection more interesting and appealing to the new-age woman. Bring a fresh, stunning look this special occasion with our exotic banarasi sarees. is a one stop shop for all your banarasi saree needs. Gift this alluring grandeur to yourself and be in style! We bet you won’t be disappointed by our collection!



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