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Unstitched Suits For Women

Dress Materials: Exclusive styles, diverse patterns, made to fit!

    Fabric is old and timeless. Every piece has a story to tell. Since ancient times, fabric has been used in a wedding to a pyre. Back then, fabric was created manually on looms and went through spinning, weaving and dying to finally shape into a fine material. Today, handloom fabric is an important produce as is rich in comfort and aesthetics and provides protection. But with that, there is lots of synthetic and machine made fabric too, which is cheaper and easier to maintain.

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    Well, ready-to-wear is certainly a rage! Variety, clarity of look and feel and most importantly, buy and wear option. Branded and extensively available on all online stores that attracts not only the younger buyers but the elders too. Certainly, it is more convenient and hassle-free to shop for a ready made attire than an unstitched one. But there is a catch to it!
    Commonness and inflexibility are major issue! Well, we all want to carry unique and fresh clothes and finding someone else wearing our style is a big disappointment. Here, unstitched dress material has an advantage.
    Why Unstitched Salwar Suits Win Over Readymade Suits
    Few Interesting Reasons:

• Bigger and better variety

• Uniqueness of design and fabric

• Multiple Usage

• Perfect flow & fit

• To design your own style

• Makes you stand out of the crowd due to the rareness of your dress material

    Therefore, buying a dress material is a win-win situation!

    Our Offerings

    Cotton Dress Material - Cotton fabric best defined as fashion blended with comfort. Lightweight, soft and sheer fabric that is breathable and drapes well. A magical summer apparel most suitable for office, college or just as a daily home wear. Ladies suits, dresses, tops, pants or even blouses, create anything you like. Cotton is truly swadeshi!

    Chanderi Dress Material - A unique, royal fabric that never loses its shape and appearance. It is a transparent and textured fabric that is light and falls gracefully. Silk or cotton, both forms of chanderi suits and sarees are gorgeous and extremely popular in India. Great pick for your next party!

    Chiffon Dress Material - Soft, supple, and exceptionally fine fabric that drapes beautifully. A stunner in a party and a winner on a red carpet. It is a popular choice for elegant and formal evening events. Dresses or suits all look superbly special, perfect for making you stand out in the crowd!

    Crepe Dress Material - Wrinkled, textured, flexible fabric that gives a graceful drape. Soft, silky, two way stretch makes suits and dresses breathtakingly beautiful and elegant. A semi-formal fabric suitable for a corporate event or a family gathering!

    Georgette Dress Material - Distinctive fabric that offers bouncy, flowing drape perfect for making anarkali suits. Long gowns and dresses are also popular as it fits in any body type. It holds up heavy embroidery and application such as sequins, beads, stones. Airy and delicate, perfect as a party wear!

    Silk Dress Material - Royal, delicate, shimmery fabric, an epitome of elegance and grandeur. High fashion dress material that brings life to any ordinary garment. Suits or dresses, whatever silk blends to, looks marvelous. Sangeet, mehndi, cocktail or corporate dinner, Silk outfit win everywhere!

    Handloom Dress Material - The huge variety of the diverse cultures of our states, from Ikat, kalamkari, bandhani, patan patola to brocade. All are exclusive, elaborated in grandeur and exceptionally comfortable. Perfect for any occasion, superb choice as a daily wear too..

    Satin Dress Material - Squishy, delicate, glossy fabric that completes any formal evening look. Bright, lustrous designs brings liveliness to the attire. Bring it to your wardrobe. Carry it on to your next event and get ready to create an eye-catching look!.

    Velvet Dress Material - Shiny, dramatic, richly gorgeous, velvet dress materials are a must for that diva appearance. Elegant, soft textured, durable fabric used for formal or evening wear. A hot favourite amongst fashion designers for its richness and vibrancy. A great pick for a winter party!.

    Find all these trendy and opulent unstitched suits for women at Yeboindia and enrich your wardrobe with elegance.

      Pick the finest dress materials at the most competitive prices and look drop dead gorgeous!



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